As of 1 December 2010 all packaging of single chemical substances has to meet the new GHS requirements. The deadline of 1 July 2015 applies to manufacturers and packers of mixtures. GHS stands for Global Harmonization System. This system aims to replace the varying regional systems of chemical packaging, trade and transport by one worldwide system. A project with many obstacles. Varilabel thinks and cooperates proactively.

From now on, dangerous chemical products worldwide require the same, clear internationally recognised warnings. Anticipating the new legal or regulatory requirements, Varilabel produces advanced top labels. They are made of paper-like plastic and can be printed as if they were made of paper. Despite the enormous adhesive strength, RATAGS do not leave behind any glue in the laser printer. We supply RATAGS (on printer-ready sticker sheets) and RATAGS ON ROLLS (stickers on rolls). Both labels are suitable for all types of chemical packages. RATAGS do not curl, shrink or stain and have tremendous adhesive strength. They are of course also seawater resistant (BS 5609). You can print your RATAGS with your own colour laser printer or order them ready-printed from Varilabel: the choice is up to you. Do you want tailor-made advice? One of our GHS advisors is happy to drop by. RATAGS labels offer you exactly the flexibility you need, within the quality and clarity demanded by GHS.