An innovative way of printing luggage labels is changing passengers’ experience of self-service bag drops in airports around the globe 

With the increasing number of self-service drop-off points at airports, the demand for passenger-friendly labels is also growing. These so-called BagTags are an important part of the whole ‘self-service bag-drop’ process. After years of research and testing, we have succeeded in producing a BagTag that cannot be applied incorrectly (only the surfaces that have to be stuck together can be stuck together). And because there is no backing on the labels, the problem of waste in the vicinity of the self-service drop-off point is solved at one fell swoop. This results in faster baggage handling and more satisfied passengers.

The biggest benefits of these BagTags are:
- no waste due to no backing
- not possible to apply incorrectly
- faster baggage handling
- passenger stays completely in control
- more satisfied passengers

A video of our BagTags in practice at Schiphol airport.

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