Input provides a nice result - Sam
‘When I walked in a decade ago, it looked different. The punch plates, for instance, were not numbered. You had to look in a pile. This isn’t so hard with four or five plates, but things look different when there are more than a hundred. I enjoyed setting up a system for these kinds of things. After some time it was all entered into the computer. I did the same for the colour recipes. Because we have now got references for all of this, everyone knows how to do it and things can’t go wrong. Extremely efficient and therefore time-saving. I feel that my input has provided a nice result.’

Among the boys on the shop floor - Robbert
’When labellingmaterial comes in, I take it. I register everything and put it in our mobile warehouse. In the past everything was in racks on the shop floor. Now everything is automated. The pallets with the material are given a unique number. Using a barcode, I assign it to a specific location. I prepare the material for all the machines every day. I can then look up in our system what needs to be where and when. How I find the work? Extremely enjoyable because you’re constantly involved in the production process. I’m often among the boys on the shop floor and help out if necessary.’

Every day is different - Jan Jelle
‘I drive from’s-Gravenzande to Harmelen every day. Quite a trip, but it’s definitely worth it. Varilabel offers me an incredibly varied job. As order supervisor/planner every day is different. I have a lot of contact with a whole range of customers and suppliers. I also have common ground with other disciplines in our company, such as calculation and dispatching. It may sound banal, but I really mean it. I find fulfilling the wishes of customers as flexibly as possible and organising production very efficiently a real challenge. This enables us to realise customer demands at the lowest possible cost. A job well done!’